About us

A-Net specialises in the design, supply, integration and support of headend solutions for CATV in this age of transition from traditional analogue to full-featured digital transmissions.

A-Net was founded in 2004 by well known figures in Israel’s advanced broadband scene. The company has supplied headend systems to HOT Cable Television, Yes DBS and the Hilton Hotel in Tel Aviv, as well as many private operators in Israel and abroad—in fact to everyone who wants the very best in performance and value.

A-Net represents Europe’s leading manufacturers of headend equipment, including:

A-Net is expert at designing and optimising every aspect of your analogue or digital signal, from the reception antenna solution, through the processing equipment, to the network—whether it be an optical network, a traditional coaxial network or, of course, a Hybrid Fiber Coax network.

A-Net can provide system performance evaluation and measurement all the way to the subscriber outlet.

A-Net is owned by RH-Com, a leading Galilee private network operator.

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The Two Musketeers



Designer and consultant

He is the brain behind most systems from conception to deployment. Well known with all broadcasting bodies in Israel, as well as all private operators, his word is relied on as truth. When not fine-tuning a system, as an audiophile guru, he is probably conceiving his next tube amplifier… Recognize him by the scattered discs.




Famous among other things for being very handy with a camera. Owner of RH-Com, an old-fashioned honest businessman, he is the man who signs our pay slips and underwrites our investments. Always ready with a financial solution. Identifiable by... watch out, he will take your picture!