Head End in a Box

This is our complete solution for digital television including CAS for private operators.

The concept is of a digital turnaround system with powerful multi-decryption processors and FTA sources along with local contribution from A/V to MPEG, all feeding a modern powerful video gateway such as the Scopus IVG. Everything is streamed out into QAM or Edge QAM modulators, and all this takes up the space of 2 rack units to provide 80-100 channels of your choice.

The Operator can also select a symulcrypt conditional access system according to his needs, which connects to the gateway or external scramblers

Sources: These can be free to air signals from satellites or terrestrial transmitters. When signals are encrypted, the receivers are cascaded with powerful stream descramblers in order to achieve clear streams.

For local contribution we provide MPEG encoders. Either statistical or CBR types are offered according to application. These are also used for digitizing special function IRDs where stream manipulation is not practicable.

All the sources are then streamed over ASI or IP to the video gateway.

Multiplexer-Gateway: We admit we owe this term to the popular unit from Scopus. We use this multi-multiplexer to route, groom and encrypt multiple sources to multiple outputs, all in one box. It is the heart of the system. It does everything from bouquet generation, bit rate manipulation and limiting, to generating new tailored streams for transmission over your network. If CAS is required, it is applied on the output streams via the integrated optional scrambling modules.

All this is for multiple output streams up to 600 MBit of data in total, in one box.

A-Net can also integrate any third party multiplexer of your choice, such as the Cherry Picker etc.

CAS: A-Net integrate any symulcrypt standard CAS of your choice. According to STB choice, costs, security, royalties and availability, you may select from a variety of systems. A-Net supply Enigma Systems VIP control.

The CAS of your choice connects to the above gateway or the stand-alone scrambler between the output stream and the QAM modulator. It provides you with full control over content viewing, subscription terms, and VOD; and it can easily be interfaced with your billing system for maximum revenue return on your investment.

Output Streaming: The output of the multiplexers or gateway is now processed and ready to be transmitted to the subscriber. The standard delivery is over a QAM modulator, which may be connected over ASI or IP. The output streams are modulated and combined at RF level to your main signal output, and travel to the subscriber over your existing infrastructure along with your present services.

Alternatively, you may choose to distribute the content over IP.

Source DVB-T


Source DVB-S